Happy Friday the 13th (and full moon)!

It’s great to be a Director at AIM HIGHER Roseville,

We sit here honored to be in the big black chairs. Listening, feeling and seeing the impact we have on both our staff and our consumers. Walking around spending time in the classrooms and seeing a staff member do EXACTLY what you said to do with a certain consumer about 2 months ago (when by now you would think someone would have forgotten) puts a smile on our face! It’s the little things that count, right? It’s the bullet points below each Core Competency and it’s great to see it all in action.

As a leader, Branae and I (and every Director) always strive for 100%. We push and push to make sure all the ducks are aligned; all the T’s are crossed and all the I’s are dotted. Sometimes we hit it and sometimes we miss the mark by 1%. This week Branae and I didn’t hit 100%; Team Roseville did! We communicated like we invented the English language and we worked together like Family.

It only gets better from here leaders! Have a great Friday 13th!
Check out the clip from this weeks highlights,
Branae and Edmond