Earning Self-Respect, and a Check

For many, the desire to earn money and the ability to make choices about spending the money that you’ve worked for are among the most important objectives of attending AIM HIGHER. We understand and appreciate that, and have developed an Employment Skills Training component that focuses on both curriculum-based training and hands-on training through community service projects and volunteerism.

Learning about workplace safety, standards of professionalism, and other basic but critical areas of employment takes place during in-house curriculum-based activity time. Applying the knowledge and learning by doing takes place at various sites throughout the community, where we perform community service projects and serve as volunteers for people/places that need our help.



The ultimate objectives are to:

  • Help each client develop the skills he/she needs to earn the amount of money he/she desires
  • Ensure that both the training and actual job environment are safe and respectful of our clients as adults, first and foremost
  • Transition clients to paid employment when they are ready to be successful


This is how we do it at AIM HIGHER: Working up to Working

Everyone learns and develops at a different pace. Everyone requires a different approach to bring out the best of their ability. At AIM HIGHER we are committed to taking the time to determine the best approaches for each client to reach his/her maximum potential. For some it is as simple as making sure that the task is broken down into steps simple enough for them to understand. For others it is giving them a leadership role over a project at which they excel. For all of us – the value of positive reinforcements and seeing quality results is a motivation that keeps us striving to try more.