The Place to Flex Your Brain

Education celebrates the power of the mind. Come explore the world around us, refresh your memory, and learn something new and exciting in science, history, math, social studies — even your civil rights.

booksIf you enjoyed school (especially field trips!) you’ll love the Education component. We discuss a wide range of subjects, from current events to cultural studies. Our Education curriculum offerings include basic reading, writing and math development– presented in ways that are never boring. We visit libraries, museums, wildlife centers, and lots more. Our Education instructors make learning (or “re-learning”) fun, with appropriate activities that let each client participate fully.

Reading, writing, and math are essential abilities we all want to have. Some of us are already really good at them. Some of us are still working at learning how to spell our name and say it clearly. All of our interactive learning activities provide the tools and instruction you will need to learn more. With the Full Inclusion model you will have the opportunity to help others learn or you’ll have a “buddy” who works with you to improve your understanding.

This is how we do it at AIM HIGHER: Engage Adult Minds

“We give clients the world news every day because they need to know what’s going on in the world. Maybe we cannot go to a foreign country, but we can look it up on Internet and explain what it is.”
– Flora, instructor