AIM HIGHER Adult Development Center serves adults with developmental disabilities at all levels of the ability spectrum. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care and curriculum delivery to all of our clients in an environment that generates a sense of esteem and worth to everyone.

Our Program Model

By listening to clients and their support networks it became clear that there are core areas of interest that many clients want to incorporate into their lives. AIM HIGHER has developed a model that ensures each client has access to curriculum-based activities in each area.

The Fabulous Five Components will help each client:

Enhance their life skills

Broaden their education and realm of knowledge

Increase access to/within the community

Become employed (if they choose to)

Express themselves artistically

Our philosophy is to aim high: with ambitious goals come higher achievements. As a result, AIM HIGHER clients perform tasks considered impossible. They go home each day with a sense of achievement.

Our Program Philosophy

The AIM HIGHER experience is so powerful and so unique for two primary reasons:

rock-n-roll-guyFirst, we believe in the mantra “This is how we do it.” This simple sentence is a constant reminder to all of us that there is a correct way to do things. And that is what we are about. You will not find “rules” posted on our walls. You will not find people “sitting in the corner” at AIM HIGHER. Starting with our staff team, we exemplify what it means to show respect to one another at all times. We demonstrate in everything we do what it means when we say, “This is how we do it.” As a result, every client and every person who enters AIM HIGHER feels it and responds with a desire to give and get respect. Respect is the key to empowerment. When people feel empowered they strive for more. At AIM HIGHER all of us go home at the end of each day knowing that we are respected, we have the power to feel great about who we are, and we are an integral part of the world we share.

This is how we do it at AIM HIGHER: This is your program.

The clients are at the center of the decision-making process in everything we do. Curriculum development for the Fabulous Five components is a direct result of listening to the clients, asking them what they want to work on, and responding accordingly. In addition to the Fab Five, the clients have an elected Client Council that meets weekly to discuss special events and future activities they’d like to have incorporated. To date, the Client Council is responsible for the implementation of a monthly BBQ, car wash and bake sale fundraisers, and a “Client of the Week” activity that rewards a client every week for “doing it the AIM HIGHER way”.