“A bonus of this program is that it connects us through attention and affection. We do more than engage them in activities. We give them TLC.”

Instructional Teams

Every group has its own dedicated team consisting of one instructor, an assistant, and one (or more) aides. Each team works together on curriculum development and implementation. community-access-squareThey share responsibilities for service delivery to clients. As with every aspect of AIM HIGHER, our instructional teams understand and are dedicated to the philosophy “People first and adults first.” The resulting environment is one that constantly presents a sense of respect, comfort and dignity. This combination puts every staff team member and every client in a position to genuinely feel the value of their presence. Everyone at AIM HIGHER knows that they matter.

This is how we do it at AIM HIGHER: Redirection

AIM HIGHER has established standards and strategies for coping with challenging behaviors. All clients attending program here are adults, and are approached and treated accordingly. With a program culture that emphasizes respect for oneself and for others, simple redirection is very effective. Our clients learn “That’s not the way we do it here.”