Your life, your way

Life Skills is about having a voice. Whether you can speak clearly or have to use facial expressions and sounds, your voice is how you communicate to the world and how you obtain the level of independence you want and deserve.

vacuum-guyThe activities offered in Life Skills all revolve around helping you find your voice, so that you can be as independent as possible. Activities ranging from proper hygiene to balancing your own checkbook will allow you to make the choices and decisions in life that are your own.

By providing fun and engaging activities, we help you gain the skills you need to live your life on your terms. You’ll learn by interacting with your peers and through role playing and small group sessions. Every month you’ll learn a health-conscious style of meal or snack preparation with a final product you will enjoy. Opportunities to learn Spanish, to go on a tour of a restaurant, to put together a shopping list and then locate and purchase those items are only a few of the wonderful activities you’ll be part of.

How AIM HIGHER Does It: Hand-over-hand assistance

Our Full Inclusion model ensures that all ability levels are working together. As a result, clients who like to help other clients are given opportunities to serve as the eyes, ears, and/or hands for those who want their help. In the end, everyone goes home feeling a sense of accomplishment and success.