Here at AIM HIGHER we offer a unique experience to individuals who are looking to either enhance or develop their volunteer and employment opportunities. Our Tailored Day Program offers a 1:1 participant/staff ratio, which increases a person’s learning opportunities due to its individualized planning. AIM HIGHER’s service provides less days and hours but allows our staff to have a greater focus on their individual goals.

Overall, our main goal is to prepare our participants with the skills needed to live an integrated life in their community. Using our Person-Centered Schedules, we allow individuals to direct their own services together with their assigned Job Coach.

AIM HIGHER provides three main tracks to follow when programing with our company. Each participant has the opportunity to plan their schedule based on the days and hours they are available. The following tracks are available to each person who is admitted to AIM HIGHER’s Tailored Day program:


Employment Services/Volunteer Component will assist participants with job exploration, problem solving, communication, interview preparation, and other training components or activities that will prepare them for future job opportunities.

Educational track is for those participants who are interested in continuing their education. This includes college, adult, and trade school courses, as well as classes based on organization and study techniques. Further, our staff will assist participants with the selection of classed based on the individual’s education track preference.

Community Resources Component will help individuals learn and thrive on their own by helping them develop skills to move through the community independently. Participants will learn how to manage their money, manage time, and gain organizational skills. Mobility training is also available for those interested in this track. Further, our staff will work effortlessly to prepare each participant with the skills and knowledge needed to independently use public transportation.