I really enjoy having so many friends here at Elk Grove! We’re able to dance and I can sing my favorite country songs during karaoke. The prom last year was pretty cool; it was my favorite!

— Kaitlin, Elk Grove Client

I love the interaction that I get with the consumers being a Covina Program Instructor. Its great being part of their progression and seeing them achieve their goals! My favorite class is Arts and Craft because you get to see their imaginations run wild. I always encourage them to keep going and not to give up because the possibilities are endless!

— John, Covina Program Instructor

My favorite part of the Covina AIM HIGHER is exercise class. I enjoy using my walker and exercise equipment to work on my arms. My favorite activity is cooking class, I like cutting up the vegetables and fruit, and helping staff pass out food.

— Breeann, Covina Client

My favorite part about Orange Grove is the funny instructors always trying to make me laugh. My favorite class is Journalism because I love to write about my life and it keeps me calm.

— Caitlin, Orange Grove Client

I absolutely love working at AIM HIGHER, it’s wonderful to be able to create an environment that fosters many aspects of improving the lives of our clients. I am so happy to be able to work for a company that takes pride in being able to raise the bar of day programming. It’s amazing to be able to witness the growth of each of our clients on a daily basis. 


— Ashley, Orange Grove Program Director

“Everything’s going well so far. They (Staff Team) always ask us what kind of changes and activities we would want.”

— Mike, client

“I LOVE this system! I like having the clients rotate and engage in new stuff all the time. This system really works. The interaction with every client and all the Staff Team members really makes a difference.”

— Instructor

“The clients are so excited to be here. Everyday they come in with huge smiles ready to go. That makes us all very happy.”

— Instruction team

“Fab Five activities promote self-esteem and confidence. Fab Five groups foster friendships and bonds”

— Instructor

“I love that this program has so many different areas of focus. Clients get to move around and experience ongoing change and variety. There’s a very organized structure, but there’s also room to be creative and make it what you want it to be.”

— Branae, Roseville Program Director

“The words that keep coming to my mind are cutting-edge, progressive and dedicated – they’re really on top of it.”

— Denise, ALTA Regional Service Coordinator

“I like Life Skills because it is where they do cooking and I learn how.”

— Romilda, client