On Sunday April 21, 2013 the AHEG Choir and Sign Language Team showed up and delivered to young people and their families…

The AIM HIGHER Elk Grove program has been building the music component since 2009. Through the years clients have produced some amazing music and given many of us the joy of witnessing performances that have been instant memory makers.

When the Crocker Art Museum solicited involvement from AIM HIGHER for their annual event that is designed to get young people and families interested in the arts and the museum – it was on!

The choir went in to full rehearsal mode preparing three songs for the occassion. The Sign Language Team selected “Lean On Me” to sign and sing. And then a living legend at AHEG agreed to perform a rap/dance in honor of Heavy D.

To say that young people (ages 1 to 5 mostly) enjoyed the sing along and hand gestures song is a major understatement. The rendition of Lean On Me brought tears and cheers from everyone in the crowd. And the final performance pretty much just blew everyone away.

As with all special events that happen through AH there is no way it happens without an amazing Program Director and a team that is driven and committed to enhancing an already great experience for those we serve. The staff team showed up in numbers to support, guide and facilitate this once in a lifetime opportunity.