So Cal is in DA HOUSE!!!!

           I ended last week with KUDOS to my Admin Assistant and I am going to start with her this week.    I mentioned last week she makes sure all the behind the scenes are getting done, answering the phones, scheduling the ISP’s and a ton of odd jobs I throw her way, plus attending USC’s Graduate program.   Somehow….. Some way….. Day in….. Day out………. She manages to keep that AH smile and is the first friendly face our families and guest get to meet as they arrive in CV………and after saying all that I have attached a picture of her on the floor “hands on” with consumers to cover breaks….Great Job Leylan!!


The Fantastic 4 makes the cut this week again with their “Día De Los Muertos” masks and hats. Veronica, Lisa, Maria, and Liz M were extremely creative with their activity where the consumers worked so hard and loved every minute of it…….they are ready for the October Holidays!  IMG951973


Top Dogs:  Matt, Norma and Liz S. also stood out this week with their pumpkin carving skills. They went to the pumpkin patch and returned with some nice pumpkins.  Their artistic side took over where the consumers started with their patterns and the rest is history……check out their pictures ………..ready for Halloween?

Have a great weekend everyone!!!







This week flew by……everyone pitching in to get ready for today’s party.   This year I tried something different for the festivities; each instructor took the role as MC and presented an activity for the entire program throughout the day.  KUDOS to my 4 Instructors and their supporting AIDES/Assistants……………It all started with Matt Porpora’s Scary Halloween story performance in which the entire Top Dogs group had input. A writing process that took them all week. What an awesome project for them and the results were amazing.  The crowd was on edge the whole time he was reading.

20141031_120438                 20141031_114224                  20141031_120310

Then Carlos took over with ……………a no-hands-sit-down-pretzel-on-a-moving-string eating contest with PRIZES!!!  The consumers were going crazy! What a start to a great party.

 Then it was time for young Corrina to MC the costume Parade.  As she introduced all the contestants and attempted to control the crowd she managed to pull out 1 winner from each group with the crowd’s help.  She asked for yelling, clapping, stomping and howling…………… to get loud for their favorite costume………..great job Corrina!!! The consumers loved it!


Once the crowd was calmed and able to return to their seats, lunch was served with the DJ sounds of the Martinez Family on the wheels of steel (if you can call it that anymore)… their lap top..LOL.  The music was accompanied by two 6ft sandwiches with chips, macaroni salad, fresh fruit, juice and water for the hungry mob of consumers to enjoy their 2014 Halloween party.


Finally, once all the food was gone and tables were folded up, the  speakers began pumping music, smoke filled the air, with lasers bouncing off the walls and feet moving to the beat….. The party was well on its way.  Consumers danced till 3pm and had some of the busses waiting around for their pickups (who did not want to stop).  With make up running down their faces, beetle juice was out of juice, the flying nun was grounded, and Eddie Munster was ready for bed.  Thank you Vero for getting the dance portion moving and Team CV for another successful party!


Have a Happy Halloween and be safe tonight!



Robert Licon

Program Director