AIM HIGHER Covina Highlights from the week of March 24, 2014

I’m continuing to empower my team to keep their eyes and ears open throughout the week, and tell me what they are seeing and hearing. This week I would like to introduce Ms. Leylan Avalos

Spring is in the Air!

We officially started our spring cleaning and tidying up here in Covina. A beautiful garden was planted in

Spring is coming in So Cal land...

Spring is coming in So Cal land…

the acres of land surrounding the facility. Bursts of red, gold and pinks greet clients as they walk in the facility every morning. All flowers planted by the clients during their weekly activities.

Speaking of weekly activities, this week’s cooking activity included delicious hot wings, carrots and celery sticks. Each group brought their own unique flavor and style to the wings they made. Group two led by Matt, Elizabeth and Corrina had fun cooking the wings out in the open air enticing passerby’s.

Let’s not forget that the inside of the facility has also been revamped to welcome spring. Bunnies, flowers and eggs in pastel colors abound throughout. Not to be overshadowed by the solar systems created during space exploration lessons this week.

Zumba madness in Covina!

Zumba madness in Covina!

We have ended the week in high spirits working out Zumba style with guest instructor Mayra. Many calories were shed in the hour and a half work out filled with energy until the end. Many dancers in the making for our upcoming talent show.

Kudos to Group One’s staff, Liz M, Sherman and Maria who have filled in for their instructor during her absence. New leaders in the making!

Thus, we conclude another successful week here at Aim Higher Covina.

Have a great 3 day weekend everyone!

Robert Licon
Program Director