Weekly Highlights March 17, 2014 through March 21, 2014

This week in Elk Grove was fun, as usual. Everyone worked together as a team to keep everyone’s spirits high and focused on goals. Using spring as a valid excuse to take a trip to the park, the men clients all hopped in the bus and cruised to Laguna Town Hall/Park for Men’s/Women’s Day. All the men split up into teams to play a fun game of soccer. After hearing all the talk going around when the men arrived back to program, we all came to the conclusion that the clients beat the staff in a couple of games. Meanwhile at program, the ladies got a chance to get pampered and take a break from their rough routines. They all gathered in the multipurpose room for a girly flick, nail painting, and girl talk. It was the perfect way to wind down the crazy week.

Chef Tom made the highlights this week with his rendition of homemade tacos. A simple meal he spiced up with ground beef, beans, chorizo, cilantro, green onions and lime. Clients Desda and Steve assisted Chef Tom, and even extended out a helping hand if needed. Client PJ. Scooted his wheel chair up to the stove and did not hesitate to get straight to work. He stirred and grounded up the heated meat, as the other clients helped to chop and squeeze the juice out of the limes. All the clients were more than ecstatic to share this meal with their loved ones, something delicious but easy to remember.

Feeling spring come to life...

Feeling spring come to life…

Life Skill’s instructor, Sylvia took her group to explore with spring flowers and wild life. They explored the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory. They walked through 2 out of 3 green houses. They discovered many different kind of plants, one that caught everyone’s eyes was the “amorphophallus titanium” a rare flower that takes over 15 years to bloom. They noticed when walking in the different greenhouses the temperatures changed. They walked through tropical climates for plants that needed hotter environments and they experienced cold climates, for plants that only survive in freezing temperatures.

We ended our Friday afternoon with a talent show.

Norman getting his crooning on...

Norman getting his crooning on…

We had a few new faces join the festivities this time around. We even encouraged our new client Norman  who joined in on Shirley’s remake of Michael’s Jackson – Beat it. Norman chimed in as a background dancer. He finished out the performances with the finale. It was great to see Norman stepping out of his shell and engaging with the clients through something we have learned that he has a passion for; music.

After the performances we took a time to remember a former instructor here at Elk Grove, and also a lifelong friend, Hassan Alawsi. We lit a candle and played a short presentation remembering his time with us here at AIM HIGHER, Elk Grove. He will be greatly missed! Those of you don’t know who Hassan is, pls. see attached picture above his next to Santa.

God Bless Everyone!!

Thank you,
Flora Landiza

Elk Grove Program Director