April 25, 2014 – AIM HIGHER Roseville Weekly Highlights

Happy Friday!

Samuel_Novinger1-33What a great end of the week! Attached are more pictures from High Hand Art gallery from our last group to attend the outing. Talk went around about how great the outing was, so everyone was eager to attend! We spent our last Friday of the month BBQing for the first time of the year…in the rain!

We celebrated all April birthdays both clients and staff! To go  along with the celebration, we had a HUUUUGE staff potluck. Thanks to Maui who made sure everyone brought something super good. We had foods that ranged from ceviche, afghan bread (from costco…), tri tip, pizza, Japanese bread, adobo and Willy’s “dead” chicken. Everyone really enjoyed themselves!

Well.. Hate to cut it off so soon, but Max is in the process of stealing our computers as we speak! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Branae & Edmond
Program Directors


April 11, 2014 – AIM HIGHER Roseville Weekly Highlights

Happy or Sad Friday??

Friday 146


Thanks to MAX – We started off our Friday with “Happy Dollar/ Sad Dollar.” A kickstart activity Max and his Citrus Heights Kiwanas club did when we attended their meeting. Staff passed around the dollar bucket stating, “I got a happy dollar because…. Or I got a sad dollar because…” A great activity to start our AM meeting and better yet, set the mood for the day. I had 2 happy dollars and 1 sad dollar. A sad dollar because it’s allergy season and it’s killing me…

Flash back Friday1 Happy Dollar because its Friday, TGIF! Another happy dollar because it puts a smile on my face to see 90% of our staff all dressed up for Flash Back Friday! Branae and I threatened our staff with “If you don’t dress up, you have to do spring cleaning and clean out our sheds!” (Word went around and it actually worked!) After we collected everyone’s dollar; we raffled off the money and Maui was chosen as the winner!


Life Skills Planting

The first highlights of the week go to Jon-Luis (from AHFF) and Marlon; for setting up the Life Skills classroom outside to do some whiskey barrel planting. Jon and Marlon don’t have green thumbs, but they definitely looked like they knew what they were doing! Consumers were fully engaged and helping them get the barrels full and planted with flowers. Another highlight goes to Debra, for going on an outing this week. Debra normally doesn’t get out because she LOVES to make sure everything is good and good in the classroom. She came back saying, “Man, we had so much fun! I really like the Tennis practice…I used to play tennis back in My day!” Another shout goes to Mr. Vicinte, for shoveling dirt and prepping our garden! Thank you for starting the process to what we hope to be a successful vegetable garden.