Community Service… Team Building… Special Olympics… We’re doing it all!

The AIM HIGHER experience is so much more than a 9am to 3pm “Day Program”. In order to see and feel the full effect of AIM HIGHER you must have eyes and ears all over Northern California. You have to know that each client has a story to share. You have to know that each staff member brings unique qualities and passion. You have to know that our Founders believe in quality for all.

The summer of 2009 is a prime example of what AIM HIGHER is all about.

Community Service Leads the Way at AIM HIGHER
The men and women who come to AIM HIGHER want to show the world that they not only want to “give back” to the community but that they love doing it. This summer has been extremely exciting for AIM HIGHER because we have secured Community Service Partnerships with organizations that impact thousands of men, women and children throughout Northern California.

AIM HIGHER Elk Grove has partnered with the City of Sacramento Parks & Recreation District and is now keeping North Laguna Park clean. Staff members Seneca and Laura are leading this endeavor and have already received heart felt thanks from people who love using the park and knew if the trash wasn’t picked up and landscaping kept up it would soon lose its appeal.

AIM HIGHER Roseville and Elk Grove are both partnering with local Goodwill stores and providing daily support in all facets of the business operation. Both programs are sending 4 to 8 clients who work from 2 to 4 hours a day.

AIM HIGHER Roseville started a partnership with Placer County Head Start in early 2009 that has now been expanded to two sites. Everyday two crews of 4 clients and 1 staff go to a local Head Start program and prepare lunches for the young ones that are in the first phase of structured learning.

Enough can not be said about the value of what the clients are providing to our shared community. Enough can’t be said about the unique sense of worth and accomplishment each client gets from the various Community Service Projects he/she particpates in.

AIM HIGHER Staff Team Building Bonds to Last
With the growth of AIM HIGHER since 2005 the staff team has grown and grown. With programs now spanning the Greater Sacramento area there is more reason now than ever to ensure the culture of success and commitment to quality of service is maintained no matter how far we stretch our wings. So when Melissa – Roseville Administrator – and Joy – Elk Grove Director – decided to get some team building going they weren’t joking. Joy and Melissa worked together to produce the 1st Annual AIM HIGHER Team Building Event that consisted of a volleyball match between Roseville staff and the Elk Grove staff at the Elk Grove facility. When the call went out for staff members to bring food people stepped up big time and produced a culinary lay out that would have made the Burger King and Jack in the Box super jealous. In the end the evening was a total blast and Roseville drove home with the coveted trophy.
Priceless pictures of this wonderful event HERE

AIM HIGHER Bulldogs Raise Funds for Equipment & Uniforms
Edmond, Matt, Melissa, Robert and Elizabeth were the staff team machine behind raising over $1,000 for the AIM HIGHER Special Olympics Softball Team. They recruited 30+ athletes and held a one week car wash to raise funds that produced enough cash to purchase jerseys, hats, shorts and socks for every member of the team. The funding also covered bats, balls, gloves and catcher gear.
Pictures of all of them having a blast and working hard to raise money. Open Slideshow

AIM HIGHER Bulldogs Build Their Skills
You can raise a million dollars for the nicest uniforms and best equipment but that money won’t produce singles, doubles, triples and home runs. That money won’t produce infield grounder skills and outfield pop-fly skills. That money doesn’t include how to recognize when to run and and when to wait. NOPE – all that takes practice and practice they did. Again, the AIM HIGHER coaches stepped up on a few Saturdays and met all the Olympians at a local park for some solid practice time.
Pictures of the team building their skills. Open Slideshow

AIM HIGHER Bulldogs Take to the Field
The money has been raised. Practice time – with sweat and dirt – has been completed. It was time to take the field. The AIM HIGHER Bulldogs fielded two teams at two events this summer playing a total of 12 games. To say that all of the players, coaches, family members and loved ones had a blast would be a major understatement. There were enough smiles, high fives and fist bumps to last a lifetime.
See how all the fundraising and practice time played out on game days. Open Slideshow