AIM HIGHER Covina – April 25, 2014


20140425_111334This month one of the focuses was Earth Day, and  group 3 kicked it  off with a fabulous  worm and dirt dessert.  Carlos, Norma, and Maria assisted the group 3 with enhancing  their life skills by adding this delicious  Oreo cookie, gummy worm  and pudding creation.  Group3 had a blast making it and not to mention, the SWEET reward of tasting their final product.


Also, with Earth Day on the agenda, the groups are researching  the rest of the planets.  So, what better 687place to do that than the “Griffith Park Observatory”.   Veronica, Samson, Aleja and Liz S. took group 4 to the edges of L A Basin to check out the  planets and stars while also getting the chance to  picnic in one of LA’s most beautiful parks.  Great job group 4!!!




20140425_145543Finally, I want to congratulate our weekly “Perfect Attendance” winner…….Yasmine!!!  She picked Carlos to share an ice cream shake with to end the week, enjoy the pictures and see you all next week.

Have a great weekend

Robert Licon
Program Director


AIM HIGHER Covina- April 18, 2014

Hello AH,

What a week!!!! Spring is in the air, we kicked off the week with all the groups working on Easter activities, Easter baskets, dying eggs, and preparing to kick off our 1st monthly BBQ at the park along with our annual Easter scavenger hunt. We had the grill going, music blasting, and kudos to Ms. Norma Iniguez for organizing the famous annual CV scavenger hunt at the park. Ms. Iniguez and her supporting crew of Sherman Johnson and Liz Miranda just killed it!!! Her group was completely thinking “out of the box” with their egg decorations. They bye passed the regular pastels and had some really cool Minion eggs, bunny eggs happening very cool ideas for the consumers to enjoy and show off.

20140418_113404We also had a first with “YOGA at the park”, Mrs. Gigi our local community Yoga instructor came by to realign CV’s chi ………. 🙂 . They seem to really enjoy her sessions and even more when we are at the park with 78 degree weather the wind blowing, what an afternoon! Thank you Mrs. Gigi.
Everyone enjoy the pictures and have a great Easter weekend!


AIM HIGHER Covina – April 4, 2014

20140404_114314SO CAL saying hello………..This week we kicked off the week with Easter activities, the groups made Easter Baskets out of Tupperware, decorated Easter Eggs, and 1 group even made egg salad sandwiches………what a treat!



20140404_114547Actually group 3 went rogue and ended the week with a surprising culinary activity that did not have anything to do with “EGGS” they still had a spaghetti and meatballs activity on their calendar that was amazing, Carlos, Norma ,and Susana along with group 3 had this place smelling like the “The Olive Garden”…….great job group 3!


Also want/need to acknowledge group 1!!!! Sherman, Liz M, and Maria went without their Instructor for the second week, but continue to carry the load without skipping a beat. They have done a fabulous job at delivering program lessons/activities and maintaining the energy to keep their group thriving!


Have a great weekend everyone