Elk Grove could not be more excited to start our new afternoon sewing class, which will be instructed by vocational instructor, Jan. Staff and client use the proceeds from Vocational’s fund raisers and dug out to make the purchase of the machinJANe. Everyone who is interested will get a chance to sign up to learn this economical skill and apply it to their daily Life Skill routines. But this activity does not just cover the components of Vocational and Life Skills, clients are actually obtaining Functional Education goals all while acquiring how to operate the machine, learning the different functions and making accurate measurements of clothes. For the clients that have already signed up, they can look forward to designing fashionable aprons that can be used in any class such as cooking or art, to protect their clothes. Everyone is ecstatic to be a part of the new afternoon activity! This is going to be a great class that is beneficial for everyone!