Highlights September 8-12-14

In Functional Education, Mari educated the clients on their five senses. The clients used bite sized M&M’s to use sensory words to describe what they seen, felt, tasted, smelled and heard. The client’s used their new sensory words to help create a fun, tasty poem. Functional Education aide, Quran shared her moment with client Matthew P. when he helped throw out words to assist the class with their Chocolate Poem. After the activities they were able to enjoy the assignment as tasty treats. Fighting through the sugar rush and keeping to the task, the clients used the chocolate for counting while incorporating math into their lesson. They calculated ratios and constructed bar graphs to compare the pieces of white and dark chocolate. They used graham cracker, edible colors and different types of chocolate melts to make an “edible chocolate mosaic piece,” as Mari would call it. A quick breakdown of chocolate included cocoa facts and the history of how chocolate is made and where it comes from, this was all included in this chocolate lesson! After all the hard work during the week was complete, Group C wrapped up their lecture with a Community Outing to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory in Lathrop. The clients returned back with Chocolate treats, hats and tote bags for everyone to see. Some even shared their chocolate with others. This chocolate assignment put the FUN in FUNctional Education! J

Life Skills was ecstatic to return back to Apple Hill this year for a fun fall activity! Instructor Sylvia said everyone was active and very enthused to be a part of the new adventure. This time everyone hiked up the hill to participate in a fun group activity, and after they explored the shops for some leisure and shopping. The clients filled their bags with apple pies, trinkets, candy, fritters, and caramel apples. They took some time to have a picnic and spread out their lunch as well. The way everyone marched back into program with huge grins on their face, I think Apple Hill will forever be an Elk Grove tradition and favorite!

Arts and Expression included a video of Mozart in music. Music Instructor, Cody immediately started utilizing his new white board and drew out some piano notes for the clients to follow along while watching the Mozart movie. The clients learned about his life and even heard him play a few pieces from his most famous songs. The clients recognized a few songs from movies and commercials, still used today! They were amazed at Mozart’s story and enthusiastic to play a few notes on the piano of their own.

Fun Friday included a new favorite; Elk Grove’s Chicken and waffles. Chef’s Flora, Cecilia, Arnold, and Arleeta helped Vocational Instructor Jan whip up some homemade breakfast for the staff and clients! We even had EMT Eric stop by with little Tony (his son) to try some of the breakfast. The Vocational team and clients work so hard during the month practicing customer service skills, counting, and keeping our building clean, Jan could not think of a better way to express her gratitude than a tasteful breakfast paid by the earnings of Vocational! All the clients enjoyed a nice plate of golden crusted fried chicken, buttermilk waffles, a caprisun, and scrambled eggs seasoned to perfection! That alone, was a great highlight from the whole week! J After the chicken and waffles disappeared, the clients and staff met in the MP room to work off their breakfast with a choreographed dance to the cupid shuffle. In formation, everyone line danced to a program favorite, but this time included pom-poms and some added dance moves. But don’t worry, we recorded the fun! In the afternoon the drama passed out their famous fruit smoothies as a fundraiser for upcoming events. Everyone ended the day with an old school dance party, and full bellies!