07/28/14 – 08/01/14

Here at Aim Higher Elk Grove we are wrapping up July with a wonderful week exploring different aspects of world culture, artistic mediums and even cuisines. As several classes focus on allowing the clients to explore different means of expression we apply everything from paint, to acting, to cooking and even dance.


In AHEG Drama Club the clients are diligently working in preparation for the upcoming production ‘Cinderella’. Even as we visit other AIMHIGHER locations, you can find our clients practicing their lines on the bus and in their spare time. Each is proud of his or her part and excited to show their skills. In terms of performance we have a very special new club, the first of its kind at AIMHIGHER – the AHEG Circus Club, founded by suite #300 Art Instructor Shalimar. as the club finally kicks off it’s first meeting on Monday the clients are so excited to learn new skills and to be a part of this colorful endeavor. In the club the clients will not only hone their motor skills and self confidence but learn extremely fun and playful new talents ranging from juggling, to ribbon dancing and even spinning plates. AHEG Circus Club hopes to bring a wonderful performance to all of the staff and clients here this coming fall, dates to be announced.


In the Arts on both the 100 and 300 side, we are exploring many different Mediums. In 100 Instructor Emanuel is working on wonderful individual porcelain pieces, with which the clients can choose and use their own palettes. This enables them to apply their panting skill to more than just flat surfaces. On the 300 side Arts and Expression as well as Fab Five have unified in order to focus on a different culture each month. This months focus is on Africa, Ancient Egypt and the jungle in the Congo. Clients are helping to collaborate on a large mural spanning 18 feet long and four feet high. Each client has an animal which they are in charge of and have learned about, they have then painted their respective animals both individually as watercolors and onto the mural.


In room two, vocational Instructor Jan is focusing on teaching the clients to sew their own aprons. They love this activity because it helps them to produce something utilitarian which they can also sport fashionably and be proud of. Similarly in room one to go along with the Curriculum, Instructor Arthur is teaching the clients to create expressive rainbow Batik fabrics. For this project they are using a wax resist process followed by coloring with brushes and acrylic dye. Some other Life skill related activities this week included cooking Moroccan spiced beef and rice pudding, both dishes are North African in origin.


Throughout our weeks activities we were visited by Max, who had the pleasure of sitting and even painting with the clients as well as joining in some of our other daily activities. The month of July behind us here at AHEG, we approach August with even more excitement and as always retain the lessons we’ve learned in days passed to enrich and enlighten our future.


08/04/14 – 08/08/14

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Hope everyone had a good week because over here at Elk Grove we had a blast with all the activities going around.

This week in functional education the clients learned about curiosity and each client had their own sock monkey which they decorated and named. Afterwards the clients took their monkey with them on an outing to Arden Mall where they shared a wonderful adventure exploring the mall with their monkey.

In life skills this week we learned about social skills then went out to socialize with others at our outing to Scandia. Clients had a blast roaming around the arcade. The clients especially enjoyed playing the game Deal or No Deal and had fun interacting with each other about what case to choose.

Over in Vocational they learned how to fill out job applications and how to count and give correct change. What they learned this week came in handy when they got a chance to work at our snack shop.

In Arts and Expressions this week clients went on an outing to appreciate street art. They got to see some dumpster art and wall art which they all enjoyed viewing.

Over in 300 the arts and expression instructor taught clients about the Italian Renaissance. They are also working on a huge painting based upon the Italian Renaissance.

This week in music room we have been learning about the famous composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. We have been discussing and learning how Beethoven conveyed a lot of his emotions into his most powerful pieces of music. Everyone was able to apply Beethoven’s antics to their own trails and use visualization with colors to escape through their own music.

To end our Friday today we had a cupcake decorating competition based on the show Cupcake Wars. The clients and staff had an awesome time. We scrambled around looking for any materials we could use and we only had an hour to make our theme come alive. I must say each team did a wonderful job. At the end awards were given out to the most creative, most unique, most innovative and to the best presentation.