This week at AHEG we focused on construction! In 300 Fab five staff began building mini brick houses, three in total – one to each group. First each group created a floor plan for said houses. This project tested their creative ability as well as their technical skills and increased their knowledge of planning and practice of foresight. Upon completion of each miniature structure there will be a competition to rate each based on structural integrity, style and execution.

As well as small houses students have been doing vibrant and colorful paintings on canvas of images from Brazils famous Carnivale! This month in Art the curriculum is focusing not only on preparing for AHEG’’s annual art show but learning about the continent of South America. This includes Peruvian culture, Brazilian culture and each country’s most prominent celebration and architecture. Each clienthas enjoyed choosing and creating their bold piece. The clients are proud of their portfolios and ready to represent elk grove’s artistic talent this coming October!

In room 100, Life Skills instructor and assistant are focusing on making delicious wonton soup. The clients are learning how to prepare and cook each aspect of this complex and delicious dish from closing the won ton wrappers around seasoned ground beef, to preparing the broth and bok choy just right. Then as if it couldn’t get any better, they shared their recipe with every staff. The soup was warming and just right on Elk Grove’s first breezy day of September. With the fall equinox on its way we are excited for the weather to cool down and the festivities here at AHEG to turn up!

See you soon!