Weekly Highlights 5/26-5/30

EG-hs-5.30.14Another week at Aim Higher flew by with all the excitement. As all the instructors got back into their daily routines, the clients got right to work getting prepared for what this busy week had to offer. Breaking out that pattern of the 3 day weekend, the clients started off the week learning the virtue of creativity. Functional Education instructor Mari broke down the structure and learning’s be creative in your own way. She was surprised to see what each client came up with when she gave them the task of making “thing-a-ma-bobbers” the outcome was a success and so were the exciting stories they told to go with their creative inventions. Mari also tried something new this week in teaching her clients creativity. She headed to the park for a free for all drum circle to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. They made songs, rhythms, and told stories through the art of their music to creatively express how they felt.  The clients loved it, and it was all they talked about for the rest of the day.

Continuing on with May Madness, the 2 teams battled it out for the championship with an intense game of kick ball at the park. Outing leader and Music instructor Cody said it was a huge success. Using the fundamentals from baseball the clients caught on fairy quickly. You can even catch Cody pushing one of our clients PJ P. around the bases in his wheel chair. Cody mentioned one client especially being an all star, “Neville was blasting some kicks, sending them deep into the outfield!” The clients cannot wait for the award ceremony where they will be receiving the championship trophy, MVP awards, and many others.

EG staff appreciation day-5.30.14-1All the staff felt the love this Friday in Elk Grove. We walked into a plethora of in the break room for breakfast. We stuffed our faces full of fruit, croissants, bagels, coffee, and juice all compliments of client council who’s been saving up money from car washed and fundraiser. By the time lunch came around they had our lunch set up in the break room as well. We all enjoyed our Vietnamese sandwiches, chips and soda. And in the afternoon we all received are very thought award that matched everyone’s personality and work ethic. Thank you client council!

We finished off the week with birthdays. 5 clients came and got serenaded by the group with the Happy Birthday song and then enjoyed a nice cup of ice cream to cool off. A quick week, but successful indeed! Now we’re all going to rest up and get ready for our 5th annual prom!



Weekly Highlights 5/11-16/2014

Hi everyone!!! Sylvia here again with the highlights! We had such a BUSY, BUSY, BUSY Friday today and a wonderful week to share with all of you!

This week arts and expressions instructor took the clients on an outing to Elk Grove Park where they got to finish up a group canvas painting. Life skills instructor also took the clients out to a different park where we made some awesome piñatas that we cracked open the next day.

In functional education Mari made acrostic poems where she asked each client to name talents, strength, and abilities that they found in other clients. While teaching one of our client An busted out singing “Titanium” by David Guetta. She definitely wanted all the clients to know that singing is one of her best talents.

We also have a new client who transferred from Roseville this month. His name is Brandon and everyone has been welcoming him. One of our staff wants to highlight him trying his best to join in on activities such as him trying to strike out some cool yoga poses this week.

EG-carwash 2FRIDAY!! FRIDAY!! FRIDAY!!! Oh boy where do I begin! In the morning staff was busy cooking up breakfast burritos as a random surprise for clients who happened to show up to program today. After breakfast clients joined the MP room for our May Madness volleyball tournament while drama club hosted their annual car wash fundraiser outside. It was a successful fundraiser we had local businesses, family members, and staff come support us by bringing their cars and donating money towards our fundraiser which so far we make $107.00, also we have a surprise visit from Vean (previous employee) and of course our clients greeted her with a warm hugs, she also join the dance party after.EG-special olympics 1


To end the day we congratulated clients who were part of the Special Olympics along with their family and held a big dance party in the MP room for them. That’s all for this week! Enjoy the weekend guys!
Have a wonderful Friday and GOD Bless us all!!

Thank you,

Flora Landiza