Spirit Week Highlights

This week’s highlights show off our awesome spirit week!



Monday we had a flood of tourist come to our program for Tourist Day. Suite 300 made some popcorn while everyone traveled to the forest to watch the movie “Tarzan.”

IMG_8845 IMG_8522IMG_8798

Tuesday was Yoga Day, everyone dressed in their most comfiest clothes and started out the morning with Zumba. Then it was time for the volleyball competition where each group competed against each other. Group B won!


Wednesday was the client council’s Carnival Day!IMG_8872IMG_8867

The clients got to rotate around for some fun carnival activities like bowling, duck matching, face painting, and hop scotch.


 Wednesday was also the day the Drama Club had their ice cream sandwich fundraiser to help them raise money for their upcoming play of “The Lion King.”

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Thursday was the day of the Olympics here at Elk Grove. The clients participated in events such as long distance throw to see who could throw the farthest, slow walk race, and team relay race.

20160901_112054 20160901_112237

Friday marked another Fun Friday. The clients had a treat and got to watch another movie “The Jungle Book!” The afternoon ended with Birthday Celebrations and a dance party.

IMG_8903 IMG_8904IMG_8902