This 20160303_1143421week we had a great time working on a new Media component which is Radio. Clients had a great time learning how to be a radio host and each group is starting to put together their own show!Snapchat-28875358537904183841

Our art instructor started making program look very lucky with St. Patrick day themed projects. We have leprechaun hats, and pots of gold hidden all around program.

20160308_1223471Snapchat-49410577483589355641The outing was to the Cameron Recreation Center where groups 1and 3 battled playing a basketball game against each other. We learned we have some Curry’s in group 3 that shot some awesome 3 pointers!!!

The  vocational group that has been making great contact with possible volunteer sites and they are gaining experience of getting ready to work. This month they are finishing up their resumes and will start mock interviews.