The Elk Grove Fine Arts Program continues to explore new and exciting ways to experience art. From parks, to museums to our own facility the inspiration to create is GREAT!

When AIM HIGHER Elk Grove opened in 2008 no one knew just how powerful the Art & Expression component would become. Thanks to Master Art Instructor Hassan – and so many talented and dedicated team members – literally 100s of dynamite pieces of art have been created.

Hassan uses every form of inspiration he can think of to help clients find that inner creativity. It doesn’t stop there though… Hassan has learned how to help each and every client learn and grow as artists.

It’s a very common site around AIM HIGHER to see a group of 15 artists sitting at tables in the MP Room with classical music in the background. Each of them with an easel, paints, brushes and Hassan – or another member of the team – providing the support each client seeks based on his/her abilities and desires.

One of the overwhelming favorites is when Hassan brings them all together to paint a larger piece where each client has his/her part in the project. Not only is this building art skill but it is building relationships and the power of team work.

AIM HIGHER Elk Grove – along with AIM HIGHER Roseville – has built truly amazing art components. Many of the artists keep their works or give them to family and friends. Many would like to sell them.

Please feel free to stop by either program anytime M – F from 9am to 3pm to check out the inventory, talk to the artists or members of the team that make it happen day in and day out.

For a look in to our world check out the picture slide shows below:

Painting In The Park

Painting In Action

Painting At The Museum