The AIM HIGHER Way is taking hold in Fairfield. Read a wonderful testimony from a client who’s found “the right place” and come to our Art Fair on June 10th.

The power of the AIM HIGHER Way is something that takes hold over time. Each client is treated with the respect he/she deserves day in and day out. The staff team brings the energy, positive vibe and total dedication to engaging with purpose from the second the first client arrives till the last client leaves – EVERY DAY! This is the AIM HIGHER Way.
The folks at AIM HIGHER Fairfield are seeing and feeling this and are ready to share their stories and works of art with all.

Mark you calendars – on Friday June 10 from 11 AM to 2 PM works of art and expression created by the proud men and women of Fairfield will be on display for your visual pleasure as well as for sale. That’s not all though… Prepare yourself to be entertained to the max!

To help you understand just how important this program is to the deserving men and women who come here every day one of our finest young men decided to write what he likes about AIM HIGHER. Here is what David had to say:

My name is David from Vacaville and what I like about AIM HIGHER is what we do for the community. We like to help people and give to others. It feels like we are getting noticed for doing good things for the community and that feels good.

I also like the people help us learn about the real world. Without AIM HIGHER we would not learn so many things and be able to do all the things we are doing.

As a computer expert here I get to help others learn how to use the computer the right way like how to type, do their own email and make music.

I like making friends with people and I am making them here at AIM HIGHER. AIM HIGHER is made for people like me with disabilities. We do things here just like people do without disabilities. We go to banks, restaurants, museums and other places around the Delta. I am glad I am a part of the AIM HIGHER family.

We also made things for the upcoming arts and crafts fair like bookmarks, face masks, paintings and thread designs.