Aim Higher Elk Grove continues to inspire everyone within to live healthy and thrive with their highlighting events!

World Renowned Performance Painter David Garibaldi

David Garibaldi, one of 3 artists commissioned by Disney, paid us a visit to kick off our year of inspiration. David created one of his signature paintings with a little help from the AIM HIGHER Clients. The painting began looking rather abstract but as they neared completion of the masterpiece, David turned the painting over (right side up) and revealed a portrait of Albert Einstein. The painting was created to music and included rhythmic strokes of aint and splatters. You can view the painting hanging proudly in the lobby of AIM HIGHER Elk Grove. David also helped each client create their own masterpiece offering creative insight as he moved throughout the room. It was an inspirational day for all and was featured in a one and a half page article in the Elk Grove Citizen Newspaper. Read the article Here

Elk Grove Police K-9

The Elk Grove Police Department’s K-9 Unit came to AIM HIGHER to talk about their love of working with animals and turning it into a career. The dogs showed off for the clients by demonstrating bite techniques as well as searching for items as instructed by their handlers. The day was topped off by a meet and greet with the dogs who were all willing to give our clients a “High Paw”.

Elk Grove PD Brings Life Saving Information

Elk Grove Police Department’s Community Services Officer, Misty Dailey stopped by AIM HIGHER to deliver some life saving information with her award winning program; driving it home. Officer Dailey customized the program to be relevant to AIM HIGHER clients by helping them understand how to be a safe passenger in a motor vehicle. The program included real photos of victims who lost their lives by making poor decisions of riding in a vehicle with either an unlicensed, reckless or distracted driver. The program included video interviews with the loved ones of the victims sharing their pain of such a senseless loss. The clients learned how to avoid such situations by using their voice to speak up when they feel they may be at risk. Officer Dailey showed the group how to include their “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) information in the cell phone and to communicate with their selected ICE contact to ensure they understand why they are receiving the call. The day concluded with a vehicle on a tow truck from a motor vehicle collision of a local Elk Grove teenager who was mortally wounded due to not wearing a seatbelt and drinking and driving. This program has already saved lives! A client and parent reported that they now wear their seatbelts and put the cell phones away while driving!

Forensic Science is COOL

Elk Grove Police Department’s Forensic Officer Scott Williams spent the day at AIM HIGHER showing off his cool tools and gadgets used in gathering evidence. The clients had the opportunity to participate in looking for evidence around the program. They learned about lifting dusty footprints with electromagnetic charges as well as fingerprinting, taking molds of objects and reconstructing a scene. This was a unique and rare opportunity for the clients to see how science is used in law enforcement and solving crimes.

Globetrotter in the House!

AIM HIGHER was lucky enough to have world famous Globetrotter “Hot Shot” visit after hours for a special event. Clients were invited to bring their family members to a special after hours meet and greet with a legend. Hot Shot, showed off by doing some fancy tricks, shooting hoops with the guests and even giving away tickets to their upcoming game for the most baskets. Hot Shot ended the evening with some inspirational words of encouragement for everyone to follow their passion and see the good in all. This event was covered on Fox40 and the Elk Grove Citizen. Read the article Here

CSD Fire Captain Kris Hubbard Visits AIM HIGHER

Everyone love s a firefighter! AIM HIGHER clients were treated to a visit from the CSD Fire Captain, Kris Hubbard who discussed why he personally became a firefighter. Captain Hubbard also talked about the things he likes best about his job such as teaching at the fire academy and spending time with the ROP fire students. Captain Hubbard brought Engine Company 75 to AIM HIGHER to show off all of their equipment and devices used for saving lives. The visit from the firefighters brought many great questions from the students of AIM HIGHER including plenty of useful information about what to do in the event of a fire or medical emergency. The day concluded with a fire drill run by Engine Company 75 and Captain Hubbard. The fire alarm was pulled and the building was completely evacuated in record time! The firefighters all complimented the staff of AIM HIGHER on their quick and organized manner of evacuation. WAY TO GO TEAM!