Electing a New Council is a Fun and Intense Process with Purpose

The Client Council serves multiple roles. They are the force behind Self Advocacy. They are the ones that ensure the clients wants and needs are being heard by staff.

They are The Voice of our clients as they serve to remind each and everyone of us what the AIM HIGHER way is and what we can do to demonstrate it everyday.

The elected members meet once a week (one week in Executive Session planning their upcoming agenda and then the next week leading a TownHall Meeting where the decisions are made.)

There are a total of (7) members elected to The Council. Clients first vote in a Primary Election from volunteer nominees in each classroom. The top two vote gatherers from each classroom become the final candidates for the General Election. This is followed up by a series of assemblies and debates where voters get a chance to see who will represent them best. The top seven candidates are then elected to the Council. Their first decision is choosing who will serve as the representatives for each classroom. These Classroom Rep has the awesome responsibility of meeting with their assigned class at least once a week to get a better idea of what are their needs and desires.

Our most recently elected Client Council have dealt with an array of issues. Some of the items they have tackled in just their first month are:

  • Dress Code
  • Term of Office for Council Seats
  • Modification of Perfect Attendance Policy
  • Changes to our Afternoon Activities to be more inclusive to those in wheelchairs

We look forward to the Aim Higher Client Council helping to steer our ship toward greater stories of success and advocacy!