October 24, 2014

Today, we celebrate Roseville’s 9 year Anniversary. We shared some good stories in our A.M. meeting and toasted to the success, growth and teamwork of AH Roseville. At lunch, we had burritos galore from the famous Chipotle Mexican Grill! Everyone was able to customize their burrito and get it made from the restaurant. Below are some favorite memories from our staff…

“My favorite memory at AIM HIGHER…”

Is being part of the Grease Stage Crew – Irene

Is being a part of Grease and a Special Olympics Coach – Renu

Being a coach for Special Olympics Softball – Kristen

Is creating & building the theatre for AIM HIGHER – Maui

For me, It’s not one special moment or memory but many made up of those times when clients give back to me; Katie’s crotcheted cup holder, Gwen’s birthday picture or Cicily’s flowers and sunshine picture. As staff here at AIM HIGHER we give not only because it’s our job, but because that’s who we are and if we weren’t then we wouldn’t be here. And that makes the gifts we get back even more special, because they are unexpected. – Steve

My favorite memory is not just one thing, but EVERYTHING – Kevin

Is my first time familiarizing myself with what AIM HIGHER has to offer for my personal experience – Richard

When all the staff had a picture in a Big Christmas Tree and as well as the consumers! – Jocelyn

My favorite memory is sharing, singing and dancing with the staff and clients – Mark

is when we went to Dave & Buster’s for our Christmas Party – Shelanda Sellers

is the pot lucks from this year – Sheletta Sellers

is Root Beer Floats for Everyone! – Julie

The first time I had Thanksgiving Lunch with AIM HIGHER’s clients and staff – Maria W.

IS the First Anniversary with AIM HIGHER – Willy

The smiles, the laughs and the growth from each consumer and staff. Seeing a client touch snow and take a trip to Tahoe for the first time and have the brightest SMILE on their face. Having clients LAUGH because the staff decided to be silly and dress up as a life size Gingerbread Man. Seeing the light bulb turn on and giving the staff and clients the room to GROW. That is my favorite memory of AIM HIGHER and the best part about it; is it happens EVERYDAY! – Arnetta, Branae & Edmond