“That is my driving force – setting goals. Setting them and accomplishing them, every time.”


Ed David is a human dynamo. If we could harness his energy, we could power Sacramento. But this tremendous energy isn’t his only remarkable trait. He has the most incredible joy of living and a great compassion for people. He is never a half-way guy. His passions are many, and when he has a passion for something, he immediately acts.

Straight out of U.C. Santa Cruz where he studied biology, he got a job with a world-wide fitness chain. His natural business savvy and honest approach placed him in the upper echelon of his peers. Within 6 months of his employment he worked his way up the corporate ladder and became the youngest GM in the company. Recognizing his talent for sales and business he decided to start his own.

While volunteering for the Special Olympics, he interacted with many adults with developmental disabilities and immediately recognized the need for good care homes. He did extensive research and planning before his ambitious leap into the self-employed world.

Ed David Care Homes became reality with 2 homes and soon grew to four. Ed David built an impeccable reputation for his homes and was ready for his next venture. Ed David decided to join the Adult Day Programming arena. Ed David once again did his extensive research and planning, and soon after Aim Higher Adult Day Program was born. The Aim Higher success lies on his philosophy, “We don’t have the client fit the program, we tailor the program to fit the client.”

Ed David takes on challenges everyday that seem impossible. “That is my driving force – accomplishing my goals. Setting my goals and accomplishing them, every time.” This young entrepreneur is loved by many, especially his wife, Marina David and their son Junior David. Marina David oversees all management and operations of the Ed David Care Homes.

His future ventures include expanding Aim Higher and starting a high-end clothing line. It is assured that everything he does will be with an infectious joy with attention to detail, and caring. Having fun and making certain everyone around him is having fun is his primary goal, and Ed David always accomplishes his goals.

Originally published in Sacramento Magazine, March 2007 View PDF