As our newest program, AIM HIGHER Sunnyvale is all about laying the foundation for years and years of success to come. Success comes in so many different ways within the world of AIM HIGHER. One of those ways is how each of our programs across the state make friends with local businesses. There are so many positive reasons for AIM HIGHER to have formal and informal partnerships/friendships with those we share the community with.

Recently AIM HIGHER Sunnyvale found themselves on the receiving end of a business owner in the same complex looking to get connected with us, who we are and what we do… Joan was immediately intrigued by the clients and the projects they were working on. She was so intrigued she went to work on finding ways to help. Before long she had donated materials the clients were able to use for arts & crafts projects.

Not long after this wonderful connection began AIM HIGHER Sunnyvale was able to give back to Joan and show their appreciation. Following is a letter to AIM HIGHER from Joan after she received her “thank yous” from the grateful men and women at AIM HIGHER Sunnyvale….

To my friends at AIM HIGHER,

I just want to thank you for bringing by the handmade cards you made especially for me.  I am so happy that you are able to use the donated supplies.  Everyone should be able to be creative and have fun.  You are all so sweet and I consider you my friends.

From my heart to your heart…  Thank you!  I am going to put my special thank you notes in a special place at home where I can see them everyday.

Today you have made my day extra special!

Always, Joan