Our weekly highlights took a special turn this week because there is NO DAY in the AH World like the Wednesday before Thanksgiving!

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the most celebrated day throughout the AIM HIGHER world… This year was filled with great fellowship, tons of dancing and singing and the best grub you could ever ask for… Towards the end of the day a member of each team put together some highlights and you can most surely feel the power through their words. ENJOY!

Enjoy a short slideshow to feel the flavor of AIM HIGHER!

Team Covina, Leylan – Assistant Administrator

Happy Thanksgiving Aim Higher!

Today we enjoyed a delicious meal surrounded by, clients, staff and a lot of families all in all our Aim Higher family. Everyone is dressed in their formal wear, centerpieces and tablecloths with a nice fall theme all around and then a certain director cooking a turkey in our patio. As I write this the party is in full swing. Dinner has been served and eaten and the dancing has gone on nonstop for the past hour.

The preparations for the Covina Christmas parade have been underway this week. All 4 groups are busy at work painting, glittering, designing and gift wrapping. In just 10 days Covina will unveil their Christmas float! Trinidad, one of our clients says that he loves to help for the Christmas parade because it gives him more responsibility and he also likes to help out. He has been busy at work painting and glittering emblems for the float as well as going every Tuesday to the food bank to volunteer for an hour as part of our community access component.

Congrats to Carlos for being nominated and being awarded the October Employee of the month. He took home his very own turkey!

Can’t wait for the Christmas Mayhem around the corner.

Team Elk Grove, Lisa – Program Aide

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

-John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Happy Thanksgiving Aim Higher Team! Although this is a short week it was still filled with great moments. To highlight, Monday, Cody and J.J. organized an outing to Soccer World! The clients had a fantastic time playing soccer while showing their best sportsmanship behavior.

Tuesday afternoon, staff on the decorating team started preparing for the feast on Wednesday. The MP room quickly came together with Roseanne, Maribeth, Vean, Mari, Cecilia, Arthur, and Cody helping one another. The room was filled with colorful table cloths, client made turkeys on the wall and pumpkin centerpieces.

Wednesday went very smoothly with everyone doing their part and then some! The smile on the client’s faces as they ate a delicious Thanksgiving feast was priceless! Jan and team quickly started clearing tables once everyone was done to prepare room for dancing.

It was another successful week at Elk Grove Aim Higher!

Team Fairfield, Geneva – Program Coordinator

My goodness sooooo much to be thankful for…. We Living, Breathing, Moving!!!

Quick Highlights!! We had the zzzzzzzbest time with a pumpkin pie walk (cake walk), passing the mic to friends, families, Clients “whatcha thankful for”, and a WHOLE LOTTA FOOD!

Happy Thanksgiving from AH Fairfield!!!

Team Roseville,  Evelyn – Program Aide

In this very short but eventful Thanksgiving week, we (the staff) worked very hard, and managed to have holiday fun. The performing arts component stayed busy practicing their skit for our celebration Wednesday. Multimedia collected client’s art and pictures to finalize the yearbook of 2012. Clients of the Art and Expression component attended an outing to Apple Hill, and brought back pies and souvenirs to take home. Education, Life Skills and Vocational provided fun and educational worksheets and movies to remind clients what they have to be thankful for.

Finally Wednesday came along, the day everyone had anticipated for, the morning activity was Thanksgiving karaoke which was led by Shelanda and myself with assistance from Kevin, Gena and Mar. Everyone who participated in singing was asked to state what they were thankful for, and many had too many things to list in 30 seconds. This brought a very positive vibe throughout all of AIM HIGHER Roseville. For those who didn’t want to sing, still had a chance to speak on what they were thankful for.

Shortly after, all of the staff came together to set up for the Thanksgiving Feast. Many of our clients don’t have family to celebrate with, so this AIM HIGHER tradition gives them a chance to experience this wonderful holiday. This lunch, provided by Ed included a turkey course, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, green beans, biscuits and last but not least pumpkin pie! Lunch was finally served, and clients were smiling from ear to ear and stuffing their faces, just like everyone should on this grub filled holiday.

Each member of the staff and even upper management (EMT) including Ed David and Eric had particular tasks to handle to make our feast absolutely perfect! When lunch was done, Rose and her aid Kassandra led the afternoon activity. Performing Arts did a performance with a Turkey played by one of our clients Cecil and a band full of clients from the class. The skit was a turkey dance, which was fun and entertaining. This set the mood for the last Dance Off Finale. Every client who participated had been judged and those who remained on board with a high score, were put to the final test. The activity had everyone from the clients to the staff dancing in their seats to the music. All in all, the week was successful and everyone was happier than ever.

Team San Jose, Andrew – Program Director

In SJ we are thankful for each other, an amazing and safe day at program, and for the EMT ensuring each person associated with AHSJ received a true FEAST today, it was a BANQUET!!! So who’s ready for some football???