• dance

    Getting Started

    What we try to do is not have the client fit the program, but customize the program to fit the client.

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  • arts-and-expression

    Everyone Has an Artistic Spirit

    Arts & Expression is the place to set yours free.

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  • vocational

    Working Up To Working

    At AIM HIGHER we are committed to taking the time to determine the best approaches for each client to reach his/her maximum potential.

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  • going-places

    We’re Really Going Places

    Where are you going today? How will you get there? Who will you meet? With Community Access, the possibilities are infinite.

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  • education

    The Place To Flex Your Brain

    Education celebrates the power of the mind. Come explore the world around us, refresh your memory, and learn something new!

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  • cooking

    Your Life, Your Way

    By providing fun and engaging activities, we help you gain the skills you need to live your life on your terms.

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